Rileys's Kai brings our mamas recipes to you. We aim to deliver that "little taste of home: so that with each bite transports you back to Aotearoa. Maori fry bread burgers to fish n chips. Our Kai is huge so not only will your wairua be full but so will your puku!

The Lion Head is a representation of the Royal State of Punjab. In Ancient India, Maharaja Ranjit Singh was bestowed with the title of Sher-e- Punjab which meant, The Lion of Punjab for his bravery and courage. It was during his era that the State and its people gained great prominent and became known for their bravery in the battlefield. Sher Singh is an endeavour to take our guests on a culinary journey into the grandeur of the Royal State of undivided Punjab.


Bringing you delicious spices enfolded into meat that melts in your mouth. Feel every flavour explode in your mouth at every bite! Enjoy, Turkish Kebabs, fries and so much more!

Artisan-style handcrafted Momo and Nepali Dumplings with a variety of food with Nepalese Cuisine.

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Everything is incomplete without a little dessert. Bringing you the deliciousness of Churros, Cheese Cake Sticks, Crepes and so much more.